European Roma Spirit Award (ERSA)

ERSA award is focused on promoting the active efforts of all those involved in improving the situation of Roma people in Europe. The long term goal of the project is to improve the situation of the Roma community in Europe and full and dignified integration of Roma people into European society.

Main goals:

Present and promote European cultural diversity through the positive contributions and benefits on the rich cultural indetity and traditions of the marginalized Roma ethinicity as part of the greater European cultural heritage;
Develop a multi-level social dialogue among institutions, nations, and individuals in the European public space vital to ensure common goals in deliviring high level of social inclusion;
Inform about and promote the activities and programs of organizations and individuals operating in the field of the reinforcement and integration of Roma at the international lever;
Build an international framework of partnerships between organizations and individuals operating in the field of national minority reinforcement and perception;
Public recognition of individuals and organizations that actively participate in improving the situation of the Roma in European society to create positive examples and motivation for other activities.

Other goals:

Create an European platform for presenting positive contributions in favor of Roma ethnic group;
Highlight individual and organizational activities which focused on Roma minority integration from an international perspective;
Recognize individuals and organizations whose daily works actively participate in improving the situation of Roma nationally and internationally;
International acceptance of awards in favor of the Roma community;
Create beneficial partnerships to support and present national minorities on international basis.

Announcers of the ERSA 2016 award are the founder and author of the ERSA award, Association for Culture, Education and Communication (ACEC), Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic Office of the Plenipotentiary of the Slovak Government for Roma communities.