European Roma Spirit Award Ceremony

ERSA is a unique project of its kind in Europe. It creates a tradition of awarding the work to improve the situation of the Roma community on the high human and cultural level. The European Roma Spirit Award Ceremony aims to be held every two years, featuring a program presenting the European cultural diversity with an emphasis on the rich culture of the Roma through multi-genre disciplines.

ERSA award brings together representatives of governments, private sector, civil society, and other stakeholders to present and share good practice examples from their respective countries. ERSA aims to stimulate discussion and encourage the participants for the common activities in the future, develops networks, and creates an international engagement to work together to ensure maximum impact of this international cooperation. The European Roma Spirit Award Ceremony is a presentation of European cultural heritage, with an emphasis on promoting the cultural identity of Roma. A music and dance program promoting the beauty of Roma culture, its individuality in the embodiment of music and dance, featuring the best artists from participating countries fostering European integration and strengthening social inclusion.

Roma Spirit award ceremony contributes significantly to the positive presentation and promotion of cultural identity of the Roma minority as an important part of our cultural heritage. Multi-genre Roma Spirit gala evening is an example of an efficient and well-functioning social inclusion with a clear intention to break down social prejudices and build an open civil society. Gala evening is a celebration of a Roma spirit that overcomes the difficult living conditions, poverty and lack of opportunities. The program is a presentation of cultural and ethnic message of the Romani folklore, music, and talent of Roma artists in the contemporary world in harmonious symbiosis with the non-Roma artists.

Trailer Roma Spirit 2015
Trailer Roma Spirit 2014