16. 11. 2015

European Roma Spirit Award Forum

The Roma issue is of a wide-ranging dimension and the situation of Roma in Europe urgently requires a common effective approach. Please join us in our effort to improve the living conditions and integration of Roma in the European community through presentation and promotion of positive examples. Prior to the first ever ERSA ceremony  there will be an ERSA Forum held in Bratislava, Slovakia on November 16, 2015. The Forum is a high level cross-sectional meeting which aims to bring together representatives of governments, private sector, civil society, and other stakeholders to present and to share good practice examples from their countries in all five categories of the award (Nongovernmental organization, Corporation, Municipality, Personality, Media).

Forum aims to stimulate discussion, strengthen cooperation and reflection, and share knowledge and lessons learned. Forum brings Roma and public authorities together across the whole Europe. Through the Forum we stimulate the cross-national and cross-sectional reflection and creativity. The Forum encourages the participants for the common activities in the future, develops networks, and creates an international engagement to work better together to ensure maximum impact of this international cooperation.