Company Martin Štefanek – Hurricane was founded in 1998. In 2007, the company has transformed to Hurricane s.r.o. Throughout the years of their existence, they developed from a small company to stable, reputable firm. Hurricane offers sound, light as well as construction, roofing, stage, projection, LED screen, laser show, furniture and tents for events, team building, conferences, concerts, festivals, dance parties and live stream. They are offering technical facilities of the highest quality and so they use only technique from the world’s top manufacturers as: Meyer Sound, Midas, Robe, MA Lightning, NivTec etc.

For better and easier cooperation with their clients, an event manager is representing their company. From the start, his role is to solve each assignment and client requirements, as well as making sure, that the realization of the order will proceed as planned. He is a simple connecting link between the client and all the other components that are also responsible for the realization.

Their team is made up of conscientious people, who can flexibly react on different types of requirements based on their experience and knowledge.

Success is in the details. Details are the main thing that is separating the best companies from the rest. High quality technique does not guarantee a good result. It is the staff, and often the details that change the whole atmosphere.

Hurricane is the first in Central Europe who owns the sound system of the new LEOPARD generation from Meyer Sound. The decision to make this investment, came from the desire to bring the technology of the highest quality to our clients. The LEOPARD loudspeaker and 900-LFC element are designed to create an exceptional listening experience across a variety of applications from events to concerts, and rock ‘n’ roll to classical. LEOPARD Boasting tremendous power-to-size ratio with ultra-low distortion.