TV Šutel, Macedonia

Nominated for preservation of Romani language and culture and rasing awareness on Roma issues in Europe through TV broadcasting.

TV Šutel is broadcasting from Šuto Orizari. TV Šutel is a broadcasting and media service founded on the 9th of November 1997 in Skopje in the Republic of Macedonia and has been informing about the Roma issues all around the world for 18 years. It’s the only television broadcasting 24h of programme in Romani language. Šutel television is widely known across Europe as unique and successful promoter of Roma culture. TV Šutel provides an invaluable means for the preservation of Roma language and culture, while at the same time fostering communication within a larger circle of Roma communities striving for emancipation and inclusion as equal citizens. Through the satellite broadcast, TV Šutel is the main source of information and the TV of choice for 12 million Roma people in Europe. Šutel television is striving to become the only and the best news & media provider for all Roma citizens across Europe. It’s main aim it to raise awareness about the Roma issues.

During the 18 year broadcasting of programs for Roma people, TV Šutel made a big difference in informing about all the issues concerning Roma people in this region. Contribution and future vision of TV Šutel involves achieving of better inclusion of Roma people in all parts of the societyincluding politics, health, education etc. Tv Šutel is the only Roma TV medium, which informs about all the Roma issues, not only from Macedonia, but worldwide.