NVO Mladi Romi Herceg Novi (NGO Young Roma), Montenegro

Nominated for implementation of complex projects improving the social and legal status of Roma in Montenegro.

NGO Young Roma has been established in 2005, by the group of young Roma leaders who actively participated in projects related to education and preservation of Roma culture. Today, it implements a number of national and regional programs and projects aimed at resolving the legal status of Roma and improvement of their status in education, employment and housing. The organization is recognized by Roma community as a genuine representative of their interests and as a credible partner by other civil sector actors, trade unions, national and local authorities, regional and international organizations. In order to enhance overall capacity of Roma community to advocate for their rights and interests, the organization supported establishment of national Roma NGO networks and become a member of regional and international Roma networks. From 2013, organization serves as a focal point to the Decade of Roma Inclusion.

Organization contributes to sustainable solution of political, economic and social problems of Roma community through civil registration of Romani population in Montenegro, improving education of the Romani children, shaping policy and initiating development of local action plans and strategic documents of Roma integration at the local and national level, strengthening the capacity of Roma NGOs, developing housing solutions for Roma in southern Montenegro, strengthening capacities of Roma for public activism, empowering Roma CSOs working on Roma integration, supporting the employability of Roma women, strengthening capacities of Roma workers employed at public utility companies to fight for their economic, social and political rights.

Activities of NGO Young Roma have been implemented in most of the Roma settlements in Montenegro and reached over 1000 Roma people. However, since the organization actively advocated for the development and upgrading policies related to Roma, the entire Roma community benefited from the results of activities, as well as the entire population of Montenegro.