Barbora Vávrová

State Advisor to the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family, the Department of Social Services

Barbora Vávrová holds a degree in Public Administration and Regional Development.

She currently works as a State Advisor to the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family, the Department of Social Services. Her main role is to conduct comprehensive independent professional activities in the relevant field at ministerial level. This position allowed her to further learn about the function of public administration with respect to the specifics of state administration and gained experience in the preparation of national legislative measures and their application in practice. She complemented her practical experience of public administration with an external study of Public Administration at the University of Economics and Management of Public Administration. She gained key insights from economic theory and economic policy, regional economics and politics, theory of management of public administration and public sector, administrative, labor and community law, political science and social sciences and the methods of analysis and management of economic and social processes.

Prior to joining the civil service, she worked in the nonprofit National Center for Equal Opportunities, on the position of financial manager for a project carried out with the support of the European Social Fund. Company Communication s.r.o which implements a communication training, communications consulting and marketing strategies, was by her employer during the three previous years. As an executive manager of the company and manager of learning, Vávrová improved her communication and presentation skills, embraced many communication and negotiation procedures, and tested her theoretical knowledge in practice. During this period, she also worked as a manager for a nonprofit Association for Culture, Education and Communication in projects aimed at underprivileged and otherwise disadvantaged groups or individuals. She was responsible for planning, organizing and implementation of projects and the ensuing social and cultural events. Of the many completed projects, she also worked on Healthy Communities project, YRAEF – a fund for the education of young Roma artists, Bright Communities, Concert in the Slovak Radio, and the most extensive project – Gypsy Spirit.

She has the opportunity to apply all of her previous experience as a member of the Supervisory Board of the Healthy Communities NPO and as a representative of the Coordinator of the National Project of Field Social Work in the Municipalities I, which is one of the most extensive projects aimed at helping those who live at risk of poverty, are at risk of social exclusion or are socially excluded.