Paul von Hoof

Government Affairs Director GSK Pharma Europe Brussels office

Paul works for GSK (GlaxoSmithKline ), a global healthcare company.  He has had various roles, in the Netherlands, The UK, Slovakia, where he was General Manager and currently in Belgium as Director European Government Affairs. Paul gained broad experience in the pharmaceutical industry. The last years he spent most of his time on Healthcare- and Pharmaceutical Policies in Europe, both EU-related and country specific.

In 2012 Paul was one of the founders of the Together for Better Health partnership with continuous support from the GSK community partnership program. Together for Better Health brings together distinct NGOs with the aim of improving the health of those living in socially excluded and isolated Roma communities. The partners in the program are the Bulgarian National Network of Health Mediators, Partners Hungary, OvidiuRo Romania, The Association for Culture, Education and Communication from Slovakia, the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) and GSK.   This year will see the Together for Better Health program expand even further with the launch of the programme in Serbia, where GSK is providing funding over the next three years, partnering with UNICEF.

In the first four years great progress has been made by this program in what remains an extremely challenging social issue.  The approach taken has shown impact in reaching hundreds of thousands of  Roma people with better health and sanitation, and demonstrated the power of bringing together expertise and ideas from experienced partners to deliver impact and advocacy. Importantly, solutions have been developed from within the community, with health- and cultural mediators, healthcare professionals, education of children and collaboration with local and national authorities, playing a pivotal role in linking the community with the public health system.